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  • About School

    St. Peter’s Academy managed by Simla Chandigarh Educational Society is one of the most prestigious institutes of Patiala (Punjab). The school gets its name after St. Peter who was one of the apostles of Jesus Christ. More...

  • Sports Club

    Sports being an integral part of a student’s life is well cared for by the Sports club of our institution which not only conducts competitions but also helps them in exhibiting the best of talents and sportsmanship. More...

  • Messages By Ex-Students

    A good place with good teachers and staff members.......Harmandeep Singh.

  • No one can forget the lovely time spent in this great institution as a little naughty child. Some memories are sweet, some may be bitter, but they do bring tears in our eyes and smile on our face.....karanvir singh.

Move Forward With Your Education

Since Sister Janet Joseph has been transfered to Dehradun. Sister Jyoti has taken over as the Principal of St. Peter's Academy, Patiala. More.........

The Gospel of St. Peter’s Academy

S – for Sacrifice
T – for Truth
P – for Perseverance
E – for Education
T – for Tolerance
E – for Eagerness
R – for Reverance
S – for Solace

A – for Ambition
C – for Co-operation
A – for Achievement
D – for Devotion
E – for Efficiency
M – for Mission
Y – for Youth


Goals of the school

1) Instill in the children the basic principles of life like honesty, self discipline, punctuality, co-operation etc.

2) Impart all round education by moulding and developing the personality of a child to make him a good human being.

3) Inculcate the principles of truth and justice.

4) Emphasise the dictum “Work is Worship”