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Updated On: 15-Apr-2020

How do I get the e-Care Mobile App of St. Peter’s Academy, Patiala for my phone?

Mobile Application For School: Franciscan e-Care mobile app is a smart tool, a complete and comprehensive package which brings all e-Care facilities at one place at fingertips for all users (School management, Teachers, Parents and Students). Responding to the growing use of mobile technology in the modern world and the increased adoption of smart phones, e-Care has extended its multi-platform capabilities to include support for tablets and smart phones. e-Care now enables user to carry their school world in their pocket with this mobile application. Download the latest version of e-Care Mobile App of St. Peter's Academy, Patiala today, available on all three platforms. Search as Franciscan e-Carepro in the App store or click: >>>>> We invite you to experience the latest version - Set up automatic updates Or Update the app manually in your App Settings. Use the school code- SPAPTA after downloading and enter your e-Care login User name & Password. If you have forgotten your username and/or password, to recover , Click on the link Forgot Password provided on the login page. Do you have any questions, requests or comments? We all be delighted to help you. Please feel free to call or email us: +91-8288014011
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