Principal's Message

Greetings, Brothers and Sisters !

The historic Red Letter Day (our nation's independence) has arrived once more, transporting us back to that patriotic era when hundreds and thousands of enthusiastic citizens gave their lives to free us from colonial control. I express my profound respect and homage to the patriots, martyrs, and leaders at this joyous moment.

This year marks the 75th anniversary of our beautiful country's independence. I express my best wishes and prayers for all Indians on this auspicious day. Peace, progress, and universal brotherhood are the things that I hope for.

Despite the fact that we are politically free, we hope for the best and pray for the true freedom that everyone craves in all areas of life.

Let us not forget the heroic leaders that fought for our independence, despite the fact that it has been many years. Above all, never forget how we got our freedom. In the nonviolent freedom movement, we were forerunners around the world.

Nonviolence is a notion that has been espoused in practically all religions, and we had put it into practise under Mahatma Gandhi’s leadership.We achieved our freedom assertively without being aggressive. We still stand as one of the world ‘s great countries and mysteries because of our soft yet strong nature, diverse culture and values.

A society, in my opinion, is not worth calling a society if its women do not feel safe and respected.

Rape, domestic violence, and human trafficking have all escalated in recent years, while respect has dwindled. Women's trafficking is a major subject that has claimed countless lives. Men have abused their control and power, and no one has taken responsibility.One of my favourite quotes says, "Stronger people don't put others down; they lift them up." Men have stronger builds than women,according to biology.

A woman's path can be extraordinarily beautiful or extremely devastating at any stage of her life, and a lot of it relies on the kind of guys she surrounds herself with. This isn't to say that women aren't capable. Women, in fact, are more daring and capable of delivering strength than males could possibly be. For generations, our planet has been governed by men. As a result, men have the majority of the power.But, as they say, "with power comes tremendous responsibility," thus the question that has been imprinted on men's strength and power is: are we taking the responsibility and doing enough to ensure that women feel appreciated and have a satisfying life?

Most importantly, let us work to make our country a better and safer place by respecting the values and ideas that our forefathers instilled in us. Let us raise consciousness, increase information, and develop wisdom. If each citizen of our country adhered to these fundamental ideals, he and his country would flourish as would his family and his surroundings, and it would eventually lead to the development of our country into a great nation. So, on this auspicious Independence Day, let us make a vow to let India our country shine even brighter in our future.

Jai Hind

Fr. L. Michael Collins

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