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"I Call therefore, a complete and generous education, Is that which fits a person to perform Justly, skillfully and magnanimously all the Offices, Both public and private, of peace and war."

It is in refinement and elegance that civilized man differs from the savage. The moral law of the universe is progress and every generation that passes idly over the earth without adding to the progress finds no mention in the registers of humanity. St. Peter's Academy, Patiala is one such legendary institute that has and continues to promote education in its 'holistic' form for we strongly believe that giving a firm foundation alone does not suffice the requisites of development, a constant strengthening and support is what it takes to shape tender minds into survivors. With the fast progressing world and the ever changing requisites of progress, it is imperative to keep pace with the technological and innovative advancements.

Novelty is the way of life and one cannot deny the fact that unless new comes it is not possible to shed the old. However, there is a fine line between perpetual progress and the necessary imitations to the progress. We are of the view that progress in all its form and shape must be substantial and revolutions never go backward.

As we drift into new latitudes of innovation and progress, by our peculiar prerogative mankind is making daily advances and education is one such forum that cannot remain untouched by the wave of advancement.

Ezra Pound said, 'Make it New'. Thus giving a new insight to holistic education we have added a new dimension to our reforms. We are proud to introduce the e-Care SYSTEM. This is an online management of school information along with online MANAGEMENT-PARENTS-TEACHERS-STUDENTS communication system. Education is a three tier system with teachers - parents and students being the integral support systems in bringing about creative progress. This e-Care SYSTEM is indeed a tool to systemize and co-ordinate the communication system between the management, students, parents and teachers.

It will integrate and update the information relating with the performance and assessment of the students. It will also keep the developmental process dynamic and will promote a positive interaction between the parents and mentors.

I am sure this initiative will foster better communication and understanding and will prove to be a potent tool in achieving the zenith of education in true spirit. I am hopeful that with your co-operation and support we will reach out to our goal of imparting 'holistic education' and St. Peter's Academy, Patiala will continue to be the pioneer in producing efficient and befitting individuals.

Rev. Fr. John Bosco

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