Parent's Co-operation

Home is a place where the child's character is formed and the school helps in the full flowering of the child's personality. Thus to develop and bring forth the innate qualities in children, maximum cooperation between the parents and the school authorities is a must.

Parents should instil in the child respect for and obedience to school rules.

The Parents should see to it that work assigned for the next day is completed and cleanliness in work should be emphasised. Parents must check the diary for any remarks by the teacher and sign it duly.

Habitual absence of the child should be discouraged and information must be given in case of leave. In case of illness a child should not be sent to the school.

Parents should try to develop in the child the habit of working on his own.

Criticism of teachers/school authorities should be avoided in front of the child.

  • Giving presents to staff members is not allowed.
  • A child be encouraged to inculcate good habits, punctuality, cleanliness, respect etc.
  • Changes in address or telephone number should be immediately intimated to the school.
  • Any person other than the, parent coming to take the child must bring an authorised letter from parents.
  • Private tuition is strongly discouraged specially from school teachers.
  • Parent-Teachers meeting should be regularly attended on Second Saturday.
  • No celebration of B'day in the school. If at all a packet of sweet can be brought.
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